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This wearable device could train your nervous system to deal with stress better

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TL;DR: As of Nov. 7, you can get the Apollo wearable for $40 off with the code MASHABLE40.

We rarely have complete control over what is happening around us. This is part of being human. For people looking to focus, relax, or improve sleep, there is a potentially different way to manage daily stress other than the ol’ status quo.

For most of us who could at times use help with focus, sleep, recovery, and similar areas of mental performance, the Apollo wearable is designed to offer a new and sustainable approach. This non-invasive device uses touch therapy — which means sending silent, soothing vibrations into your body — intended to help you focus, calm down, socialize, or sleep. 

The technology behind this wearable originates from the University of Pittsburgh Program in Cognitive Affective Neuroscience. The product of Dr. David Rabin, MD, Ph.D.’s research and his fight to figure out why it can be so challenging to make healthy choices when we’re under stress. The result is a wearable that’s supposed to make operating under stress more manageable. 

The Apollo wearable is made to work in accordance with a mobile app that can be downloaded to most smartphones or tablets. From the app, you should be in control of your Apollo experience with a range of modes that you could set to help influence your state of mind throughout a given day. Some of the modes featured on the Apollo app include Energy and Wake Up, Clear and Focused, Rebuild and Recover, Relax and Unwind, and Sleep and Renew. 

Each of these modes works by engaging with your sense of touch, delivering silent, soothing vibrations that could help you feel safe and in control so you spend less time in fight-or-flight mode and get more time to rest and digest. The idea is that, over time, your body learns to recover from stress more quickly, so you can relax, focus and sleep better. Across six finished clinical studies, people wearing the Apollo reportedly showed clear trends of improvement in regard to how well they sleep, how fast they recover from stress, and how well they focus when they need to. 

Check out Apollo’s expanded range of colorways to help take control of your stress, sleep, and life. Use code MASHABLE40 at checkout to save $40 off your Apollo Wearable.

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