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Tips and Notes for Advanced Trainees (from The Ultimate Guide To Male Enhancement)


The following is taken from Chapter 37: Tips and Notes for Advanced Trainees from The Ultimate Guide To Male Enhancement.

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At the advanced level, education becomes more important as you’ll need to be able to put together everything you’ve learned and attempt to extrapolate from it. Aiding you immensely in the task will be your journal. From the data in your journal, you’ll be able to tell over time where your tendencies lie. If you appear to be able to handle long sessions, but have issues with more intense training, you might have a tendency to make better gains with brief, advanced routine. The reverse also applies.
Let’s take a look at some general notes for advanced trainees:

When in doubt, rest. It’s better for you to delay your training by a day or so, than to force yourself to train when your EQ is lowered, you’re exhausted or if you’re still sore from the previous day’s training.

Add only one variable to your training at a time whether it’s in the form of a routine alteration, the addition/removal of an exercise, or a new supplement. That way, you’ll be able to tell whether or not the
specific addition imparts a change in your results.

Motivation is vitally important! This applies to EACH session! Train as if every individual rep were the only one you’re performing.

If you find yourself getting to the point to where you loathe the idea of training, it means you need a break and change. You might also have the time to introspect and review the reasons why you’re training in the first

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