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Today’s the day for a ninth-generation Apple iPad for a $50 discount

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SAVE $50: The 9th-Gen Apple iPad (32GB) is available for $279.99 from Target until the end of Dec. 9. That’s a savings of 15%. The 256GB version of the 9th-Gen iPad is also available for the discount at $429.99, making it a savings of 10%.

Tablets win out over smartphones in some circumstances, thanks to their larger displays for video calls, the ability to play games more comfortably, and the capacity to work using a stylus. If you’re looking for a powerful device that can meet both your on-the-go personal and professional needs, then this Apple iPad may be for you.

Target is offering both the 32GB and the 256GB versions of the 9th-Gen Apple iPad for $50 discounts until the end of the day on Dec. 9. The 32GB arrives at $279.99, which is just $10 more than its lowest-ever retail price at Target. That’s a savings of 15%. This is the first tablet in the base iPad series to offer 256GB of storage, so if you need that extra storage, you can purchase the expanded version for 10% off at $429.99 today.

The ninth-generation Apple tablet has an A13 processor, which is an upgrade over its predecessor’s A12 chipset and allows you to multitask more smoothly. The sRGB (Standard Red Green Blue) and True Tone technologies offer more optimized colors, while the upgraded 12MP ultra-wide front camera comes with the Center Stage feature, keeping you in view during video calls.

The above features are a step up from the eighth-generation iPad, but other features such as the display size and the 10-hour battery life have not been upgraded. While Apple veterans may not feel too impressed by the changes, the device offers enough firepower to provide all-around comfort on a budget. Go ahead and claim the iPad for a cool discount today.

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