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Use this FurZapper to rid your clothes of pet hair: A 2-pack is just $13

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TL;DR: As of Dec. 5, you can get a pair of FurZapper® Pet Hair Removers for just $12.99 instead of $14.99 — that’s a 13% discount.

You love your pets and they love you. As wonderful and cuddly as your pets might be, all that fur gets around. It has to go somewhere, and that happens to be everywhere, especially your clothes. Spring has to come eventually, and those winter coats aren’t going to stick around forever, but you can still prepare. The FurZapper® Pet Hair Remover for Clothes and Laundry goes in the laundry and helps keep your clothes fur-free, and you can get a two-pack for just $12.99. 

Clean laundry without pet fur 

This Shark Tank success story is almost suspiciously simple. Silicone is often used in animal grooming tools because fur clings to it so well. It’s not a reach then to use that same material to clean the fur off your clothes, and what better place to do it than in the wash? 

The fur zapper is a hypoallergenic, reusable washer buddy that doesn’t even need to be cleaned. It circulates with your laundry and snatches up the clinging pet fur, letting it rinse down the drain. Throw it in the dryer just like the rest of your clothes to take care of even more fur. It can’t promise to remove 100% of the fur on your clothes, but it may help you cut down on re-washing. The FurZapper® is even safe for kids, and it might even help your washer and dryer last a bit longer. 

A simple way to get cat hair off your clothes

On average, dogs have about two million hairs per square foot. It may feel like every last one of those is decorating your holiday sweater, but there’s an easy treatment. Get a pair of FurZapper® Pet Hair Removers on sale for $12.99 (reg. $14). 

Prices subject to change.

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