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Below are details about our commonly asked FREE Extra Month of Coaching for TheBioHacker Members!

Please note: The purpose of this article is not to distract or take anything away from the wonderful members of this site who contribute their time, advice, and guidance- this is for those interested in the meCoach service itself only.

This post is meant to explain what meCoach is about, and to help answer any questions you may have about the service.

Here’s a general summary of what the meCoach service entails:

Essentially, meCoach is a personalized consultation service that works with you to fulfill your male enhancement and penis enlargement goals based on your goals, experiences, and abilities. While the meCoach site does contain routines, exercises, video instructions and tutorials, the true value of the program is in the consult service.

What to expect as a client: What will happen when you sign up is that you’ll be instructed to fill out a baseline questionnaire and to review the introductory section in detail to learn what to expect from the service- and what’s expected of you as a client. Your baseline questionnaire will then go to the coach whom you have selected when you signed up. Using the details of the questionnaire, your assigned coach will respond (initiating the consult) and fashion a routine for you- or request further information for that purpose.

Your instructions will essentially be to follow instructions and to keep close track of your training details- either in your private meCoach journal (there is software for that in the meCoach member’s area) or on your own preferred format. The details for this are expanded upon in the meCoach member’s area. Your coach will be regularly reviewing your journal to ensure that you’re on track and that you’re training in a progressive but safe manner.

Of course, you can ask your coach as many questions as frequently as you like or need, and most of the consult will be via email for your privacy and convenience. If you require urgent assistance, an online chat or phone consult can be arranged.

As a member of TheBioHacker you’re entitled to one free extra month of coaching with any 3 month subscription package you select. Just contact me with your TheBioHacker username once you sign on as a client and your membership will be extended.

If you have any additional questions about meCoach, please see Frequently Asked Questions and Answers or contact Big Al directly.

Please feel free to post your questions below.


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