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You can get a TheraGun Elite on Amazon right now for 25% off

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SAVE 25%: As of Thursday, Dec. 1, you can get a TheraGun Elite for $298 on Amazon, which saves you $101 off its original price of $399.

If you work out hard, you have to recover hard, too: After all, there’s nothing worse than heading for a quick workout, only to find the muscle cramps in your legs from the day before haven’t gone away. But recovery tools can be expensive and time-consuming, so we really can’t blame you for wanting to skip it. That is, until now: The TheraGun Elite just happens to be on sale on Amazon for 25% off, saving you a solid $101 off its original price of $399.

This means you pay only $298 for TheraGun’s second-best model (the best is the aptly named PRO), but trust us when we say you’ll want to get your hands on it ASAP. This brilliant device is basically a deep-tissue massage on-the-go, featuring TheraGun’s propriety percussive therapy (which is what helps go deep into your muscles and therefore lets you recover faster), five different attachments and speeds, and even a companion app that lets you choose from a vast library of treatments for different muscle groups, depending on what kind of relief you’re looking for.

You can use this device on pretty much any body part, from biceps to hamstrings to back, and it’s super easy to handle, too: The device’s rotating arm and multi-grip give you the ability to perform each treatment completely by yourself. This ergonomic design makes sure you don’t strain yourself when trying to get some relief, and Bluetooth-enabled music really helps you relax into the movement.

There’s a reason why so many athletes turn to TheraGun’s devices for muscle relief, and honestly, we think you should get in on that percussive magic, too. Saving $100 off basically makes this deal a no-brainer, and, after all, it’s definitely cheaper than weekly massages.

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